Tattoo Establishment Inspections

Tattoo Establishment Inspections

The objective of tattoo establishment inspections is to provide the public with safe and sanitary tattoo services.

Upon application of a party who desires to establish a Tattoo business within the Health District, a Registered Sanitarian must perform a pre-opening inspection of the site, equipment, type of supplies to be used, ensure proper forms are available for clients to complete, etc. Persons applying tattoos must also be licensed to operate within the State of Ohio.

Adequate training in sanitary practices, first aid, sterilization of tattoo instruments, record keeping, etc., must be completed and maintained by the tattoo site manager and/or owner.

After a business is approved and properly licensed, inspections are conducted, a minimum of one time yearly, to ensure that all employees are following Ohio Revised Code (ORC 3730.01 through 3730.11), and Ohio Administrative Code (OAC 3701 through 3709) stipulations.

Citizen complaints regarding tattoo facilities within the Health District are investigated and proper action taken. Minors cannot obtain a tattoo without parental permission, and a tattoo may not be applied to a minor without a parent present at the time of the application.

Please see the License Fee Schedule for specific costs.

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