Nuisance Inspections Program

Nuisance Inspections

The Health District accepts general nuisance complaints from the public. The complainant must provide specific information regarding the complaint, including but not limited to: the exact location of the problem, the owner of the problem if applicable, details of the situation, and their name, address and telephone number in case we need to contact them. The personal information (name address, telephone) given is not passed on to anyone other than a court of jurisdiction when the Judge would request that information.

Complaints accepted include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following as detailed in the City Ordinances. To view these sections, please access the Codified Ordinances of the City of Warren online. 

  • Section 505.14: Animals and fowl. Prohibiting harboring of certain animals within the city.
  • Section 521.08: Littering and deposit of garbage, rubbish, junk, etc.
  • Section 521.01: Abandoned refrigerator and airtight containers. Placement, doors & lids, safety issues.
  • Section 521.09: Noxious or offensive odors. Causing noxious exhalations prohibited.
  • Section 521.15: Rats and vermin. Maintaining infestations prohibited.
  • Section 521.17: Litter and garbage; removal required; tax lien. No one shall allow litter to be placed, collected, or remain on lands throughout the city.
  • Section 501.99: Penalty. Penalties for the violation of any Chapter 521 Ordinances.

Notices may be served and charges files for failure to comply with orders relating to these offenses.

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