Infectious Waste Program

Infectious Waste Program

This program is administered by the Health District for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, specifically applicable portions of Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3734. The Health District, through its inspection program, ensures compliance with all OEPA regulations.

Within the City are two infectious waste facilities, one commercial licensed facility owned by Browning Ferris, Inc., the other a non-commercial facility located at Trumbull Memorial Hospital.

Infectious waste is defined as "cultures and stocks of infectious agents, including, without limitation, specimen cultures, wastes from production of biological, discarded live and attenuated vaccines; pathological wastes such as human and animal tissues, organs, body parts, body fluids; waste material from the rooms of humans or animals, that have been isolated because of diagnosed communicable disease that are likely to transmit infectious agents; contaminated carcasses exposed to infectious agents; sharp waste used in the treatment or inoculation of humans or animals that likely have come in contact with infectious agents, etc."

The hospital facility only services their own in-house needs and does not accept waste from any other source, thus it is not required to be licensed but must comply with all regulations.The BFI facility is a licensed site and receives commercial infectious waste from facilities throughout the area, including medical waste, syringes, soiled operating room material, as described above at its facility on Pine Avenue S.E. The material received is either autoclaved, incinerated, or both, depending on the material. The remaining material, from either process, is then shipped to a Solid Waste Facility.

At any reasonable time, the Health District may enter any public or private property to inspect, investigate, obtain samples, and examine or copy records to determine compliance with the Ohio Revised Code.The Health District is required to inspect both licensed and non-licensed exempt facilities on a quarterly basis.

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