Rental Housing Program

Rental Property Agreement

The City of Warren considers all residential property where the owner does not occupy the dwelling "rental property." This means that the owner of said dwelling is required to hold a Dwelling Permit, and have each separate living unit inspected by the Health District with noted violations corrected within a reasonable time frame.

City of Warren Housing Code

The City of Warren Housing Code details Environmental Health guidelines that apply to rental property, and describes how these are enforced once violations are discovered.

To view the City of Warren Housing Code, please access the Codified Ordinances of the City of Warren online. 

Relevant sections of the Housing Code are outlined below for your convenience:

Chapter 1365: Definitions. Lists definitions that apply in the interpretation of the Housing Code.

Chapter 1367: Administration and Enforcement

  • Section 1367.01: Inspection. Lists reasons why the Health Official has right of entry for inspection.
  • Section 1367.02: Notice of violation. Notification procedure.
  • Section 1367.04: Request for hearing. How an owner applies for an appeal of orders served.
  • Section 1367.05:  Hearing. Hearing procedure.
  • Section 1367.06: Record of hearing. Record of hearing is kept as a public record.
  • Section 1367.07: Failure to request hearing. Ramifications of failing to appeal within ten days.
  • Section 1367.08: Action during emergency. Rights of the health official in emergency situations.
  • Section 1367.09: Housing Board of Appeals. Who serves as the Housing Board of Appeals.
  • Section 1367.10: Dwelling Permit. Fees required for Dwelling Permits.
  • Section 1367.11: Condemnation proceedings. Reasons for condemnation.
  • Section 1367.12:Public nuisance; general. Condemned dwellings as a public nuisance.
  • Section 1367.13: Public nuisance; specific statutory. Conditions constituting a public nuisance.
  • Section 1367.14: Notice and procedure. Public nuisance notification.
  • Section 1367.15: Optional procedure. Direct filing with the Court of common Pleas.
  • Section 1367.16: Service of notice. Procedures on how service to owner is accomplished.
  • Section 1367.17: Abatement and duty to vacate premises. Vacate property if not abated.
  • Section 1367.18: Illegal occupancy of a public nuisance.
  • Section 1367.19: Unauthorized entry upon nuisance property. Prohibiting entry by owner.
  • Section 1367.20: Approved materials and equipment. Materials used approved by Health.
  • Section 1367.21: Modifications. Spirit of the law modification.
  • Section 1367.99: Penalty. Five hundred dollars per day, each offense separate.

Chapter 1368: Vacant Dwelling Premises Sanitation

  • Section 1368.01: Vacant dwellings required to be secured. Boarding of unit, specifics.
  • Section 1368.02: Premises sanitation. All areas free of waste materials.
  • Section 1368.03: Vacant dwellings required to be secured. Boarding of unit, specifics.
  • Section 1368.04: Extermination of pests. Preventing infestations of vacant structures.
  • Section 1368.05: Weeds. Removing grass, brush, noxious weeds, etc.
  • Section 1368.99: Penalty. See Section 1367.99.

Chapter 1369: Sanitary Equipment and Facilities

  • Section 1369.01: Conformity required. All requirements must be adhered to.
  • Section 1369.02: Kitchen sinks required.
  • Section 1369.03: Bathroom facilities.
  • Section 1369.04: Sharing bathrooms prohibited.
  • Section 1369.05: Hot and cold water.
  • Section 1369.06: Water-heating facilities.
  • Section 1369.07: Water service. All dwelling units MUST have water supplied to the structure.
  • Section 1369.08: Utilities. Owner cannot discontinue service to occupied units.
  • Section 1369.99: Penalty. See Section 1367.99.

Chapter 1371: Light, Ventilation and Heating Standards

  • Section 1371.01: Conformity required. All requirements must be adhered to.
  • Section 1371.02: Windows or ventilation systems. Window size & need for ventilation.
  • Section 1371.03: Light and ventilation of bathrooms.
  • Section 1371.04: Heating facilities required.
  • Section 1371.05: Electrical and service equipment. Service, GFI's, wall switches & plugs etc.
  • Section 1371.06: Lighting halls and stairs.
  • Section 1371.07: Screens required. Where deemed necessary by the Health Official.
  • Section 1371.08: Screening basement windows. Basement windows for rodent prevention.
  • Section 1371.99: Penalty. See Section 1367.99.

Chapter 1373: Space, Use and Location Requirements

  • Section 1373.01: Conformity required. All requirements must be adhered to.
  • Section 1373.02: Floor space required. Specific space requirements per person.
  • Section 1373.03: Sleeping rooms. Specific space requirements per person.
  • Section 1373.04: Ceiling heights. Specific height requirements per room.
  • Section 1373.05: Living in basement or cellar. Specific requirements for approval.
  • Section 1373.06: Access to unit in multiple unit dwelling.
  • Section 1373.99: Penalty. See Section 1367.99.

Chapter 1375: Safe and Sanitary Maintenance of Dwelling Units

  • Section 1375.01: Conformity required. All requirements must be adhered to.
  • Section 1375.02: Requirements of structure. Watertight, waterproof, roof, exterior, gutters, etc.
  • Section 1375.03: Windows, doors and hatchways. Number and specifications.
  • Section 1375.04: Stairs, porches, and appurtenances. Specifications.
  • Section 1375.05: Plumbing, water and waste fixtures. Condition and reference to plumbing code.
  • Section 1375.06: Floor surfaces. Type and specifications.
  • Section 1375.07: Discontinuing services. All service requirements must be maintained.
  • Section 1375.08: Smoke alarms required. Three or more units; alarms must be hard wired.
  • Section 1375.09: Gutters and downspouts. Constructed and maintained.
  • Section 1375.10: Kitchen cabinets. Condition, securely fastened, doors.
  • Section 1375.11: Exterior surfaces. Maintenance and covering.
  • Section 1375.12: Lead paint. No paint used shall contain lead pigments.
  • Section 1375.99: Penalty. See Section 1367.99.

Chapter 1376: Condition of Outbuildings. Surfaces, maintenance and protection.

Chapter 1377: Sanitation Requirements

  • Section 1377.01: Responsibility of owner. Adequate refuse and disposal facilities, type, etc.
  • Section 1377.02: Responsibility of occupants. Proper disposal of refuse.
  • Section 1377.03: Keep dwelling clean. Cleanliness of dwelling.
  • Section 1377.04: Maintenance of plumbing fixtures. Sanitary condition, proper care.
  • Section 1377.05: Installation of facilities, equipment or utilities.
  • Section 1377.06: Extermination of pests. Single units, occupant, multi-unit owner's responsibility.
  • Section 1377.99: Penalty. See Section 1367.99.

Chapter 1379: Guest Establishment Regulations

  • Section 1379.01: Permit required; display. Operator of rooming unit, motel, etc. must have permit.
  • Section 1379.02: Permit issuance. Building Official and Fire Chief must also approve.
  • Section 1379.03: Fees; late fees; penalties.
  • Section 1379.04: Permit nontransferable; transfer of ownership. Notification required.
  • Section 1379.05: Denial of permit. Denial in writing, appeal request.
  • Section 1379.06: Hearing. Before the board of Health.
  • Section 1379.07: Service of notice; ceasing operation. Vacate if violations are not corrected.
  • Section 1379.08: Request or failure to request hearing. Ten day window for request.
  • Section 1379.09: Bathroom facilities. Requirements, number of, type, etc.
  • Section 1379.10: Required floor space. Square feet per person stipulations.
  • Section 1379.11: Method of egress. Safe and unobstructed means of egress.
  • Section 1379.12: Sanitary conditions. Dwelling, structure, bedding, towels.
  • Section 1379.13: Application of code. Type of structures included for regulation.
  • Section 1379.14: Sleeping room doorways. Capable of opening, closing, securing, etc.
  • Section 1379.99: Penalty. See Section 1367.99.
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