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Non-Emergency: (330) 841-2542

The mission of the Warren Fire Department is to provide comprehensive services, safety, and education to the citizens of Warren and its visitors, meeting their needs and expectations with the utmost courtesy and compassion, while being a progressive fire department answering the call of duty to save lives and property in a timely manner, never wavering in pride and dedication to this mission.

Chief's Message

The City of Warren Fire Department has been providing emergency service to our residents since 1836. The primary mission of our fire department is safeguarding and preserving life and property against the elements of fire and disaster. Unattended cooking and careless smoking continue to be the leading causes of fire but due to the dedication of our personnel, the property loss has been minimized.

The fire department has an operating strength of 75 members and serves a population of more than 42,000 citizens. The department operates from three stations that provide services to a geographical area of 16.3 square miles, including residential, business, and industrial complexes.

All of our personnel receive continuing education to stay in compliance with the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Training is one of our leading priorities, as it refines firefighter skills and enhances the safety of our citizens. The Fire Prevention Bureau continues to conduct proactive inspections of our businesses and industrial complexes to ensure code compliance. The mission of our Fire Prevention Bureau is to assist our business merchants with enhancing the safety of their facilities. Our members also offer public safety talks as well as training in the use of portable fire extinguishers.

The fire department continues to maintain an aggressive approach to pursue all grants that will assist us in performing our mission. We have been successful recently in being awarded a Federal SAFER Grant to increase personnel as well as receiving grants for fire apparatus, vehicle exhaust systems, and the complete upgrade of our self contained breathing apparatus.

Finally, I would like to commend our personnel for their dedication and tireless efforts in helping to keep our city safe.

Best Wishes,

Ken Nussle
Fire Chief

Fire Department,
Central Station
111 South Street S.E.
Warren, OH 44484
Phone: (330) 841-2542
Fax: (330) 841-2553

Emergency reporting: 911 

Station 5
1700 Atlantic Street N.E.
Warren, OH 44483
Station 6
2454 Parkman Road N.W.
Warren, OH 44485

Staff Contacts
Ken Nussle,
Fire Chief
(330) 841-2547

Chuck Eggleston,
Asst. Fire Chief
(330) 841-2542

William Monrean,
Asst. Fire Chief
(330) 841-2542

Joe Dueble,
Asst. Fire Chief
(330) 841-2542

Capt. Jim Gillen,
Fire Inspector
(330) 841-2548

Capt. Ed Hukari,
Fire Inspector
(330) 841-2548

Capt. Al Brown,
Fire Inspector
(330) 841-2548

Lt. Randy Stelk
Lt. Jim Massey
Lt. Shawn Peura
(330) 841-2542

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