Weed and High Grass Program

Weed and High Grass Control Program

The objective of the Weed and High Grass Control Program is to ensure the adequate protection of Health District constituents through a systematic reporting and abatement program.

This consists of departmental inspections and an ongoing complaint procedure to document discrepancies. This program is staffed with part-time weed control personnel supervised by a district sanitarian.

Those lots requiring maintenance, both city and private, are ordered cut by the owner in accordance with Codified Ordinances 1368.05: Weeds, and 521.16: Noxious Weeds; Required Cutting; Tax Lien. To view these regulations, please access the Codified Ordinances of the City of Warren online. 

Failure to cut within the prescribed time period will result in the Health District crews cutting the lot and billing the owner at the rate of $105.00 per hour. Failure to pay within thirty (30) days results in a property lien.

In addition, any complaints involving intersections are considered a high priority and cut within twenty-four (24) hours.

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