Event Contacts

William “Doug” Franklin, Mayor
Eddie L. Colbert, Director of Public Service & Safety
Enzo C. Cantalamessa, City Law Director
Vincent S. Flask, City Auditor
Tom Letson, City Treasurer

Event Contacts - City Departments

 City of Warren, Ohio  Name  Phone #  Email
 Assistant Event Coordinator  Preston May  (330) 727-6044  maintenance@warren.org
 City Events Phone  Assigned Worker  (330) 717-4125 Only Works on the Day of Event
 Operations  Rose Nelson  (330) 841-2641  rnelson@warren.org
 Police Department  Chris Clemente  (330) 841-2656  rmassucci@warren.org
 Environmental Services  Edward Russ  (330) 841-2632  eruss@warren.org
 Water Department  Greg Dellimuti  (330) 841-2702  gdellimuti@warren.org
 Engineering Department  Paul Makosky  (330) 841-2562  pmakosky@warren.org
 Fire Department  Chief Ken Nussle  (330) 841-2541  knussle@warren.org
 Health Department  Nick Karousis  (330) 841-2688  nkarousis@warren.org
James Graham, President of Council

Members at Large: 
John Brown & Helen Rucker
Larry Larson (1st Ward)
Alford L. Novak (2nd Ward)
Greg Greathouse (3rd Ward)
Mark Forte (4th Ward)
Ken MacPherson (5th Ward)
Cheryl Saffold (6th Ward)
Ronald White (7th Ward)

City Departments

Community Development
Michael Keys, Director

Data Processing
Jim Black, Manager

Engineering, Planning & Building
Paul Makosky, Director

Environmental Services
Leann O’Brien, Manager
Fire Department
Ken Nussle, Chief

Human Resources
Brian Massucci, Director

Operations Department
Frank Tempesta, Superintendent

Police Department
Eric Merkel, Chief
Purchasing Department
Shalee Carney

Water Department
Franco Lucarelli, Director

Water Pollution Control
Edward J. Haller, Director
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