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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the frequently asked questions are listed below with their respective answers. Just click on the question that pertains to your inquiry.
What types of refuse can I put in the container?
  • Typical household waste.
  • In the interest of container cleanliness, we encourage you to use plastic bags for wet garbage and to occasionally hose out the container.
  • Yard trimmings, such as grass and leaves, should be placed in the container and should be bagged. Non-bagged, loose grass and leaves stick to the inside of the container causing odor and prevent the full contents from being dumped.
  • Pet waste must be bagged in order to avoid odor.
What kind of refuse should not be placed in the container?
What is included in "construction and demolition debris?"
Will this 96 gallon container be sufficient capacity for my garbage?
How much trash can I put out in my front yard?
What if I want to dispose of an appliance?
Do I receive a bill from the Environmental Services department?
If I am going on vacation, should I contact you to skip my service?
What should I do with my Christmas Tree?
What should I do with my tree trimmings?
When am I permitted to put my trash out?
When should my container be removed from the curbside location?
What if I can't roll my toter to the curb?

Environmental Services Department
642 S Park Avenue
Warren, Ohio 44483
Phone: (330) 841-2561
Fax: (330) 841-2920

Office Hours
Monday – Friday
7:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Refuse Collection Hours
Gate opens at 7:00 AM
Gate closes at 1:00 PM

Staff Contacts

Deborah DelBene,
(330) 841-2632

Dion Johnson,
(330) 841-2633

John Pissini,
Consumer Service Representative
(330) 841-2561

Leo Santiago
Heavy Equipment Mechanic
(330) 841-2561


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