Water Pollution Control Department

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The Water Pollution Control Department operates a sanitary sewer system that includes a vast collection system and full scale, regional wastewater treatment plant located on 111 acres in Weathersfield Twp. Wastewater is conveyed to our facility via large capacity interceptor sewers ranging up to 48 inches in diameter and large capacity wastewater pumping stations located at seven strategic points in the system. The collection system consists of over 195 miles of interceptor and collector lines ranging in size from 6 inches to 48 inches, some of our sewers dating back to 1895. The sewer system currently serves over 15,300 customers in the City of Warren and many thousands more in the neighboring communities of Champion and Lordstown. Originally constructed in 1962, and upgraded in the 1980s, the wastewater treatment plant utilizes five primary settling tanks, four aeration tanks and four secondary clarifiers with a designed average flow capacity of 16 million gallons per day. The resulting effluent, (discharged water) consistently meets and exceeds EPA water quality standards. Our bio-solids handling facility produces Class A EQS bio-solids used by our local agricultural community as an economical earth friendly fertilizer.

Additionally, Water Pollution Control Department supervises and maintains the storm sewers within the City. This system consists of 138 miles of storm sewers, 241 miles of open ditches and over 5,500 catch basins. Our Storm Water Division strives daily to meet and exceed compliance with our National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Storm Water permit. Beyond cleaning and maintaining the catch basins and sewers, we actively work to protect the Mahoning River from runoff pollution through education and enforcement of the appropriate regulations. 

Major projects undertaken by our department in recent years include:

  • Downtown sewer separation, which provided a storm sewer for the downtown area and prevents overloading of our sanitary system.
  • Upgrades and repairs to storm sewers in both the University St. and Country Club areas of the City, designed to prevent flooding.
  • Installation of a hydroelectric generator on our outfall to reduce energy consumption.
  • The rehabilitation of the Mahoning Interceptor, which services Champion and Northwest Warren to remove infiltration and inflow from this large diameter sewer.
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Warren Ditch Information

Warren Ditches are a shared responsibility between the property owner and WPC. Leaves, garbage, and other debris are the responsibility of the property owner to remove.

Upon request of the property owner, WPC can provide two different means of assistance for ditches.

  • Re-ditch
If the ditch has only cut grass and dirt at a level higher than it should be, WPC can use equipment to remove that dirt and bring the level of the bottom of that ditch to where it needs to be for storm water to flow naturally.

  • Install Ditch Pipe
If the property owner desires to have either a drive approach pipe or a ditch pipe installed in their open ditch, the property owner needs to contact Sewer Systems Superintendent, Ted Montecalvo at 330 841-2591. He or a member of his team will first evaluate the length and size of the pipe needed and let the property owner know what to order and where to order it from. The property owner is responsible to pay for and order the pipe and have it delivered to their property. After the pipe is delivered, the property owner needs to inform Ted Montecalvo so the installation can be scheduled. The installation will be done by either WPC employees or by a licensed contractor whose services will be covered by WPC.

    • Drive pipes will only be covered with slag by WPC. It is the property owner’s responsibility to cover with asphalt or concrete.
    • Ditch Pipes will have only fill dirt placed over the pipe during the installation process. The property owner is responsible to add any top soil needed, grade the soil and seed it.

Both re-ditching and installation of ditch pipe is done on a first come basis and done when the schedule of the sewer crews permit.

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