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2022 Mahoning-Trumbull Community Health Assessment Prioritization

If you’re an adult living in Mahoning or Trumbull County, we are asking you to vote on the most important issues to focus on to improve the health of your community. This will guide the public health districts, hospitals, and other community groups in their work for the next three years.

Before you vote, you can review what the Community Health Assessment team found out in surveys, community conversations, and data trends related to each priority you could choose. Partners from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) have assisted the Community Health Assessment team with this process.

Here is a data dashboard where you can explore the findings:

Click here to vote:

Spread the word and pass the link along to your friends, neighbors, and social networks—every adult living in Mahoning and Trumbull County has a say in setting priorities! Voting closes May 27, so don’t delay! 


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