Traffic Division

Traffic Division

The Traffic Division covers quite a variety of responsibilities. The Traffic Commissioner enforces all ordinances concerning traffic and vehicle matters, including the inoperable/junk vehicle ordinance. He must also approve all event requests, such as parades, runs/walks and festivals, to ensure that all ordinances are followed and there will be adequate security.

Every traffic crash is reviewed and studied by the Traffic Commissioner. When hit-skip crashes are reported, the clerk notifies those involved by mail to report for a meeting with the Traffic Commissioner where some hit-skips can be solved. The Traffic Commissioner also interviews people involved in traffic violations, such as passing school buses while
loading/unloading. Many of these interviews result in citations being issued.

The Warren Traffic Commission holds meetings on the third Wednesday of every month. Not only are City traffic problems discussed, citizens are allowed time to express their concerns regarding Warren’s streets and its traffic.

The data entry operator enters into the computer and files all reports processed through this division. She also ensures that all crash reports are mailed to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles for processing each Friday.

With each truck permit, we establish the route for the haulers to travel when hauling in the City limits. These routes are designed to avoid heavy loads traveling over the bridges with reduced load limits. Copies of each permit are kept on file with the Director of Public Service & Safety, the City Auditor’s office and the Warren Engineering Department.

Traffic Division Personnel

Traffic Commissioner: Officer Zachary Jones

Data Entry Operator: Tracy Hoke


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