School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officers (SROs) are dedicated to a continuing commitment for providing law enforcement and police services to all Warren City Schools. SROs investigate allegations of criminal incidents, as they relate to the Warren Police Department’s Policies and Procedures. Officers will routinely make referrals to appropriate juvenile authorities and/or government agencies.

With the latest addition and placement of a Warren Police Department Supervisor, the department has begun to establish a liaison between the police department and the Warren City Schools. This liaison will enhance the district’s capacity to address its safety and security concerns, as well as provide a resource to turn to when immediate improvements need addressed. Along with the supervisory role, a system for tracking crime statistics has been implemented for all Warren City Schools. This data will track all school based arrests and specific crimes charged. SROs at Warren G. Harding High School have also implemented a student database, which details information in reference to students charged with criminal conduct or issues involving fellow students.

SROs establish and maintain a close partnership with school administrators, in order to provide for a safe school environment. SROs assist administrators with conducting inspections to deter criminal or delinquent activities. Through the utilization of police K-9 dogs, sweeps of school grounds have recently been introduced as a crime prevention strategy. The continuing presence of SROs on school grounds assists in making the school safer and more secure for students, teachers and staff. SROs assigned to a permanent school become part of the school community and can be used in safe school planning.

SROs are visible within the school community, attending school functions and establishing relationships with staff, students and parents. SROs are positive role models for students who may not be exposed to such role models in today’s society. Officers also provide guidance on law-related issues to students and staff, which affords a link to support services, both inside and outside the school environment.

Ongoing objectives for the remaining and upcoming school year will address security improvements for all Warren City School property. Also, a working partnership with administrators for the planning and improvement of the district Security Plan, which offers guidance to school personnel in handling crisis situations.

School Resource Officer Staff

School Resources Officers

Officer Jessica Gollan
Officer Ryann Ruckman

Police Department
141 South Street S.E.
Warren, OH 44483
Ph: (330) 394-2521
Fax: (330) 841-2532

Emergency Reporting: 911
Non-Emergency: (330) 394-2521

Anonymous Tip Line
(330) 841-2658

Police Office Numbers

Communications Center
(330) 841-2512

Dog Warden
(330) 841-2675

Detectives Division
(330) 841-2630

Records Division
(330) 841-2573

Request an Officer
(330) 841-2501

Traffic Division
(330) 841-2573

Turn Commander
(330) 841-2506

Staff Contacts
Eric Merkel,
Chief of Police
(330) 841-2536

Capt. Jeffrey Cole,
Emergency Services 
Division Commander
(330) 841-2510

Capt. Robert Massucci,
Criminal Investigation
Division Commander
(330) 841-2630

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