Online Payments

Online Payment Option

The City of Warren Water Department is pleased to add an additional payment option for customers interested in using their credit cards to pay their bill.

*Please note: If your account is subject to disconnect or has been disconnected for non-payment, you will need to come in to the office located at 580 Laird Ave. S.E. to make your payment. No online payments are accepted for terminated or disconnected services. Additional reconnection fees may apply if you have been disconnected.

If you need to make a payment arrangement prior to disconnection, please contact customer service at (330) 841-2531.

How do I access this Service?

Customers should be ready with:

  • Your 13 character alpha-numeric account number (located on your billing statement)
  • The balance owed on your bill
  • Your credit card


Phone Payment Option

To access the service, either:

  • Call toll free 1 (888) 552-4693

Why is there a Service Fee?

Tyler Payments charges a fee to use their service. The fee covers payment handling and processing charges.

Is the City of Warren Water Department getting any part of the fee?

The City of Warren Water Department does not receive any part of the service fee. Tyler Payments is an independent company providing a service for the City of Warren Water Department.

Direct Debit Option

The City of Warren Water Department is now providing you the opportunity to pay your utility bill by direct debit from either your checking or savings account. There is no fee for this service; however, it will be necessary for you to fill out an application and return it to us twelve days before your next due date.

It is necessary for you to forward payment for the enclosed bill as this program will not begin until your next billing.

Thereafter your account will be drafted two (2) days before your due date. If there are insufficient funds available for any reason to cover your utility bill, there will be a fee of $25 assessed to your account.

Please be sure to read the application agreement carefully and attach a voided check to the bottom of the application to assure that all account information is correct.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please call our office at (330) 841-2531 Monday through Friday between 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M.

Download the Direct Debit Application Form

File Your City Income Tax Online

The Income Tax Department offers two ways of filing your personal City income tax online: EFiling through Municipal Income Tax Solutions or paying by credit card through Official Payments.

You may file electronically, or "EFile," in the following situations. Please note that you may have to mail a hard copy of your income tax return as discussed below:

  • You are reporting income from a W2 that shows Warren tax withheld, no Warren tax withheld, or if you have 1099 income. You are not required to mail a hard copy of your return.
  • You are reporting income from a W2 and tax is being withheld for a city other than Warren. However, you are required to mail copies of all W2's.
  • You may Efile if you have income reported on any Federal Schedule such as C, E, K-1, 1099. You are required to mail in the return and all applicable schedules.

An EFile instruction sheet is provided for your convenience.

Navigate to "Local Payments" and use Jurisdiction Code 4584 to begin this process. You may also call 1-800-2PAY-TAX. 

Please note that Official Payments charges a nominal fee for this service. The following cards are accepted: American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.

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