Fire Department Programs

Fire Department Programs

The Warren Fire Department is actively involved in the promotion of fire safety education throughout our community. Both visual and oral presentations are provided on a wide range of fire- and safety-related topics to civic, business, and social and fraternal organizations.

Fire Safety Trailer

The fire safety trailer is used by department personnel as a public teaching aid, permitting children to experience the conditions of a house fire first-hand while allowing them to implement acquired safety techniques. Arranged as a miniature residence, the trailer has a living room and kitchen downstairs and a bedroom upstairs. As visitors progress through the trailer, they are made aware of fire hazards and taught safety techniques that could save their lives in the event of a fire, all while traveling through non-toxic smoke. Upon exit, literature is disseminated to reinforce those lessons taught inside. The trailer is an extremely popular teaching aid that is frequently used on site at the department, at all city elementary schools, and at a number of educational events throughout Trumbull County.

Junior Fire Marshall Program

The Warren Fire Department has conducted the Junior Fire Marshall Program for over 30 years. Lasting for roughly one hour, the program presents basic methods to minimize danger to lives and property through a variety of educational materials, including video, the Fire Safety Trailer, and a question-and-answer period. The program is coordinated through the Warren City School system and targets all students in the 5th grade.

Juvenile Fire Setter Program

Fire awareness and education are key elements of department public outreach regarding the dangers of fire, behavior that leads to the setting of fires, and information concerning the reasons behind fire-setting behavior. Four members of the department are trained in presenting age-appropriate fire safety information to children and their parents.

Home Alone Program

In conjunction with the Trumbull County chapter of the American Red Cross, the Warren Fire Department covers a variety of fire safety topics, including (but not limited to) not playing with matches or lighters, testing smoke detectors, stop drop and roll, calling 911, and always knowing two ways out in the event of a fire.

Babysitter Program

The Warren Fire Department offers safety classes to members of the general public who watch children or are in training to become certified babysitters.

Smoke Detector Program

Citizens who live in private dwellings and meet income guidelines as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development are eligible to receive installation of free smoke detectors in their residence.

SALSA: Save a Life Smoke Alarm Program

Please note: 
The SALSA Program has a new dedicated phone number: (330) 841-1363. 

SALSA is a plan established by the Warren City firefighters union to prevent the tragic loss of lives in fires.

Most victims die from smoke or toxic gases and not from burns, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, and more than one-third of home fire deaths occur in homes without smoke alarms. The most at-risk populations are children five and under, and adults 65 and older.

Notification of a potential tragedy in a timely manner would help prevent loss of life and property. To that end, SALSA targets low-income homes with children five and under and adults aged 65 and older, as well as low-income residents with disabilities. Volunteers from collaborating non-profit agencies will properly install the smoke alarms in the homes. 

View the SALSA Brochure below:

If your household is in need of a smoke alarm and you would like to apply for one through SALSA, please complete the application form made available below. Two versions of the application are available — an electronic version that can be filled out in Microsoft Word, saved and sent as an email attachment to, and one that can be printed, filled out, and delivered to the Fire Department:

Fire Department,
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Emergency reporting: 911 

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Staff Contacts
Ken Nussle,
Fire Chief
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Chuck Eggleston,
Asst. Fire Chief
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William Monrean,
Asst. Fire Chief
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Joe Dueble,
Asst. Fire Chief
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Capt. Jim Gillen,
Fire Inspector
(330) 841-2548

Capt. Ed Hukari,
Fire Inspector
(330) 841-2548

Capt. Al Brown,
Fire Inspector
(330) 841-2548

Lt. Randy Stelk
Lt. Jim Massey
Lt. Shawn Peura
(330) 841-2542

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