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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Warren, Ohio will accept bids for the:

City of Warren Amphitheatre Restrooms, Improvements and Swale Elimination

The Director of Public Service and Safety will receive sealed bids for the City of Warren Amphitheatre Restrooms, Improvements, and Swale Elimination Thursday, March 2, 2023, at 11:00 AM at the office of the Director of Public Service and Safety, 391 Mahoning Avenue N.W., Warren, Ohio,  44483, and publicly opened and read aloud at City Hall, Warren, Ohio, immediately thereafter for furnishing material and performing the labor for the execution of the above-mentioned project for General Contract.

Drawings and Specifications are available through a share file link at the office of:

Baker Bednar Snyder & Associates Inc
628 Niles Cortland Road SE
Warren, Ohio 44484

Bidding Contractors will only be issued addendums if registered with the office of Baker Bednar Snyder & Associates Inc.  All Contractors must be registered in the City of Warren.

A Pre-bid Meeting will be held on-site Tuesday February 21, 2023 at 9:00 am.

The Board of Control reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any informalities in bidding.

Each bidder shall be required to file with his bid a bid guaranty in one of the following forms:

(1) A bond, for the full amount of his bid; or

(2) A certified check equal to ten percent (10%) of his bid; or

(3) A cashier's check equal to ten percent (10%) of his bid; or

(4) A letter of credit, under Chapter 1305 of the Ohio Revised Code, equal to ten percent (10%) of his bid.

Any bid guaranty shall be subject to the applicable provisions of Chapter 153 of the Ohio Revised Code to the same extent as if said provisions of Chapter 153 were fully incorporated within said bid guaranty.

If the bid is accepted, the successful bidder shall enter into a contract and furnish a Contract Performance Bond as provided below:

(A) A Contract Performance Bond in an amount to 100% of the estimated cost of the work, conditioned among other things, that the contractor will perform the work upon the terms proposed, within the time prescribed, in accordance with the plans and specifications.

(B) A Payment Bond in an amount equal to 100% of the estimated cost of the work condition for the payment by the contractor and all subcontractors for labor performed and materials furnished in connection with the project involved.

Bids of corporation not chartered in Ohio must be accompanied by proper certification that such corporation is authorized to do business in Ohio.

If the Bidders is a Corporation for profit, its bid must be accompanied by a photocopy of documentation from the state of its incorporation showing the name in which the corporation is incorporated.  Any time the name of the corporation is asked for in the bid documents, the exact name of the corporation (i.e. no abbreviations, no variations, etc.) must be used.  Any variation from this provision may render the corporate bidder’s bid non-respective or otherwise not sufficient.

Attention of Bidders is particularly called to the requirements and condition of construction to be observed and minimum wage rates paid under this contract.

Successful Bidders will be required to pay at least minimum wage rates predetermined by the State of Ohio for the project work as required.  The schedule of Approved Wage Rates, predetermined by the State of Ohio, incorporated in the Contract Documents.

Each Bidder must insure that all employees and applicants for employment are not discriminated against because of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

The successful low bidder will be required to comply with all contract requirements for Equal Employment Opportunities.  All Bidders must fill in all the blanks of the Proposal in ink or typewritten.

This Agreement is subject to the requirements of the Clean Air Act, as amended, 33 USC1251 et seq., and the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency with respect thereto, at 40 CFR Part 15, as amended from time to time.

No bids may be withdrawn after the scheduled closing time for receipt of bids for at least ninety (90) days.

To view a PDF of the notice, CLICK HERE.

City Ord. #13196/23

Attest to: Valerie Stevenson, Clerk
                   391 Mahoning Avenue NW
                   Warren, Ohio 44483
                   Phone: 330-41-2601


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