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Internal Affairs Division

The Internal Affairs Division (IAD) is responsible for processing all complaints and investigations regarding the conduct of Warren Police Department employees.


To file a citizen's complaint against a Warren Police Department employee, a citizen may come to the Warren Police Department and request a Citizen's Complaint Form. This form can be obtained from the Internal Affairs Officer, Chief’s secretary, or the Emergency Services Division Turn Commander. Once a complaint is filed, it will be forwarded to the Internal Affairs Officer, who will then begin an investigation. In some instances, the complaint can be resolved with the Patrol Division Shift Commander, whereby the complaint will not be forwarded to IAD.

All complaints received by the Warren Police Department are taken seriously, and the Internal Affairs Division conducts a thorough investigation. It is the policy of this department that the investigation can take up to sixty (60) days for completion. However, depending on the severity of the incident, the investigating officer can request an extension from the Chief of Police to ensure the investigation is properly completed. If a complaint is found to be true, the discipline can range from a verbal reprimand up to discharge from service. It is the responsibility of the Chief of Police to determine punishment for all Warren Police Department employees.

During the year 2016, the Internal Affairs Division conducted nineteen (19) investigations of alleged misconduct by police department employees.  While the majority of the investigations were conducted based on citizen complaints, five (5) investigations were initiated by Warren Police command staff officers.


Internal Affairs Officers

Lieutenant Bryan Holmes


Sergeant John Wilson