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Emergency Services Division

The Emergency Services Division (ESD) is comprised of one Captain, three Lieutenants, nine Sergeants and twenty eight Patrol Officers. This is the only division, other than communications, that is scheduled to work seven days a week and 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The ESD also provides a security detail of two Officers for the Municipal Court and has two K-9 units. These K-9 units are State certified for narcotics detection, tracking, patrol and article searches.


The officers of ESD are the first responders to virtually all calls for service by the Warren Police Department. The ESD officers responded to 40,356 calls for service during 2012. These calls ranged from the most mundane to very dangerous, serious, emergency situations.


The aggressive, but courteous tactics of the ESD officers have been largely recognized as being the primary reason that the City of Warren has enjoyed such a low crime rate. All of the ESD officers deserve credit for their personal sacrifices and dedication to duty in their service to the City of Warren and its residents.


Emergency Services Personnel

ESD Captain: Captain Janice Gilmore

ESD Lieutenants
Lt. John Yuricek Lt. Dan Mason Lt. Martin Gargas

Division Sergeants
Sgt. Emmanuel Nites Sgt. Edward Hetmanski Sgt. Daniel Hudak
Sgt. Bryan Holmes Sgt. Michael Merritt Sgt. Sherrey McMahon

Division Patrol Officers
Ofc. Michael Stabile Off. Timothy Ladner Ofc. Jason McCollum
Ofc. Patrick Marsico Ofc. David Weber Ofc. Nicole Smith
Ofc. Michael Altiere Ofc. Justin Fenstermaker Ofc. Martin Mines
Ofc. Peter Goranitis Ofc. Robert Trimble Ofc. Edward Hetmanski
Ofc. Dania Gillam Ofc. John Massaro Ofc. Brian Martinek
Ofc. Brian Cononico Ofc. John Dina Ofc. Mason Henline
Ofc. Lance Adkins Ofc. Joseph Wilson Ofc. Mark Krempasky
Ofc. John Wilson Ofc. Richard Kovach Ofc. Zachary Jones
Ofc. Adam Chinchic Ofc. Adam Huffman Ofc. Christopher Clementi
Ofc. Thaddeus Stephenson

Division K-9 Teams
Sgt. Coleman
& Maxx
Ofc. Edwards
& Czar