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Emergency Services Division

The Emergency Services Division (ESD) is the Police Department's uniformed patrol section. The officers assigned to ESD are split into three separate shifts, day shift, afternoon shift, and the midnight shift. The division is assigned one Captain, three Lieutenants, six Sergeants, and approximately twenty eight patrol officers.  The Lieutenant, who serves as Turn Commander, is responsible for the daily patrol operations and the officers assigned to their shift. The Sergeants are responsible for the direct supervision of the officers. Together, these men and women patrol the city of Warren 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also assigned to the Emergency Services Division are two K-9 teams, Municipal Court Security officers, Trumbull Metropolitan Housing Authority (TMHA) officers, and the School Resource Officers (SRO).


The Emergency Services Division are the first responders, handling approximately 40,000 calls for service annually. These calls range from incidents such as residential and commercial burglar alarms, domestic violence, and assaults, up to the most serious calls including drug offenses and shootings. The patrol officers are also responsible for the enforcement of all traffic laws, and motor vehicle crashes within the city.


With a commitment to quick response, and fair treatment to all citizens, the officers of the Emergency Services Division are proud to provide the City of Warren with the best police service possible.



Emergency Services Personnel

ESD Captain: Capt. Jeffrey Cole

ESD Lieutenants
Lt. Greg Coleman Lt. Martin Gargas Lt. Joseph Kistler

Division Sergeants
Sgt. Emmanuel Nites Sgt. Mark Krempasky Sgt. Daniel Hudak
Sgt. Timothy Parana Sgt. Michael Merritt Sgt. Jeffrey Orth

Division Patrol Officers
Ofc. Michael Stabile Ofc. Timothy Ladner
Ofc. David Weber Ofc. Mason Henline
Ofc. Michael Altiere Ofc. Justin Fenstermaker Ofc. Martin Mines
Ofc. Peter Goranitis Ofc. Robert Trimble Ofc. John Murdoch
Ofc. Dania Gillam Ofc. John Massaro Ofc. Brian Martinek
Ofc. Brian Cononico Ofc. John Dina Ofc. Adam Gilger
Ofc. Lance Adkins Ofc. Joseph Wilson Ofc. Quintin Hubbard
Ofc. Michael Sajnovsky Ofc. Richard Kovach Ofc. Zachary Jones
Ofc. Adam Chinchic Ofc. William Fowler Ofc. Christopher Clementi
Ofc. Thaddeus Stephenson Ofc. Ryan Ruckman Ofc. John McGinley
Ofc. Tom Wire Ofc. Noah Linnen Ofc. Larry Marsh
Ofc. Jessica Gollan

Division K-9 Teams
Lt. Coleman
& Maxx
Ofc. Edwards
& Czar