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Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigation Division continued to maintain a commitment to provide the specialization of this unit to the citizens of Warren throughout 2012. Although the department's work force has been reduced, it is still a priority to investigate most major crimes within the community. Close communication and maximum collaboration with our available resources will provide us with an opportunity to meet the community’s needs. Recovery of property, gathering of criminal intelligence and preparedness of cases for trial are ongoing. The Criminal Investigation Division personnel have performed tasks associated with extraditions, intra-agency investigations, safety and security counseling, participation in crime related groups and associations. We will continue our participation with various task forces as well as State and Federal agencies. Selected City internal investigations continue along with polygraph participation and property disposal.

The Division applied a system of solvability factors to review the reported criminal incidents to be selected for investigation. In addition, division personnel met personally with victims of crime requesting investigations. Of those incidents reviewed, 629 were accepted for investigation and assigned to primary investigators. Investigations ranged from very minor to the highest level of an aggravated crime. Division personnel returned 204 cases solved. The City suffered 5 homicides during 2012. Arrests were executed in four of those cases, and several are scheduled for trial. Extraditions were performed, search warrants executed and polygraph tests concluded.

The Criminal Investigations Division has continued to work with our tech services to improve our case tracking program. Technical improvements in the division resulted in detectives receiving new computer workstations. Goals and objectives for the coming year will include an emphasis on information sharing. A two way flow of information is crucial with the community. It is necessary to collaborate with others and develop a partnership focused on problem solving within our City. Our investigators and supervisors will continue to diversify their training to improve our skills and solvability ratios. We will continue in our efforts to lower the crime in our communties.


Criminal Investigations Personnel

Commander: Captain Robert Massucci

Supervisor: Sergeant Joseph Kistler

Det. Eric Laprocina Det. Nick Carney
Det. John Greaver Det. Wayne Mackey
Det. Brian Crites