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Youngstown Road Improvement Project

January 1, 2013

The City of Warren plans to improve Youngstown Road S.E. (U.S. Route 422) between Laird Avenue and Ridge Road. The project proposes to mill and resurface 1.33 miles of Youngstown Road S. E. (U.S. Route 422), including full depth repairs, from approximately 150 feet east of Laird Avenue to approximately 150 feet east of Ridge Road. Additional improvements include curb and sidewalk replacement, reconstruction of driveway approaches, curb ramp replacements to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, repair and/or replacement of catch basins, new pavement markings and street signs, as needed. Further, the project proposes the removal of the existing traffic signals at the following intersecting streets: East Avenue and Hazelwood Avenue.


The transportation improvement is scheduled for construction in the summer of 2017. During project construction, a minimum of one lane of traffic shall be maintained in each direction along Youngstown Road S.E. at all times. Access to adjacent properties will be maintained at all times during construction activities.


For more information about the project plans and appropriate contacts, please see the full press release.

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