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Safe Exchange Site Available

January 1, 2013

The City of Warren is sponsoring an Internet Buyer's Exchange Site for those who buy, sell, and trade items through Craigslist and similar online services. An Internet Buyer's Exchange Site allows these transactions to be made in a public space under surveillance, creating a more comfortable atmosphere for buyer and seller alike.


The Internet Buyer's Exchange Site for the City of Warren will be the Solace Center, which operates at:


Trumbull County Children Services

2282 Reeves Road N.E.

Warren, OH 44482


Hours of operation for the Internet Buyer's Exchange Site: xyz.


Location Details: xyz


The Solace Center is well suited to serve as our Internet Buyer's Exchange Site: it is an experienced provider of Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange programs, which provide neutral, safe, well-monitored, and family-friendly environments for parental visitation and exchanges. For more information about the Solace Center, visit the Solace Center on Facebook.


Please call (XYZ) for further information.

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