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Lincoln PK-8 Girls Participate in 2017 Energy Bike Project

June 26, 2017

Girls from Lincoln PK-8, along with students from three other Northeast Ohio schools, participated in the NOPEC Energy Bike Project: Activating and Energizing Girls in Science (AEGIS). The students spent three days building an energy bike to take back to their schools.


During the event, the students learned the mechanics of the energy bike, then applied their knowledge by assembling and wiring the bikes.


When asked about how the Activating and Energizing Girls in Science program benefits female students, Deborah Yerkes, the Executive Director of the Ohio Energy Project said, “The AEGIS program is an opportunity for middle school girls to come together to build an energy bike for their school district. It is also a time for girls to develop their leadership qualities, to learn many new skills in circuitry, and, most importantly, to begin to see themselves in a STEM related career. This program empowers the female students to believe they are capable of becoming anyone they want to be.”


The event had a positive impact on many of the students as well as the teachers. Sixth grade science teacher Christine DePascale, who was present at the event, stated she was pleased with the progress the students made and the leadership skills they learned in the program.


NOPEC provided the funding and support necessary to bring this program to Northeast Ohio. NOPEC has also provided teaching materials and the energy bikes the students built to the schools to use in their energy science curricula and to share with their communities.


Christine DePascale said she was eager to use the bike in her curriculum and excited to teach the other science teachers how to use the bike so they could also use it in their classes.


The Energy Bike Project concluded June 14th with a celebration event awarding students with participation medals. During the celebration, the students gave presentations to demonstrate the knowledge and skills learned during the program.  


Lincoln PK-8 Girls Participate in NOPEC's Energy Bike Project

Lincoln PK-8 Girls Participate in NOPEC's Energy Bike Project



About the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council:

The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) is the largest governmental retail energy aggregation in the United States. Its members are communities (residential and small business customers) throughout Northeast Ohio. Currently, NOPEC serves more than 200 communities in 13 counties. Since 2001, NOPEC has saved communities and members $260 million dollars and has provided $16 million in NOPEC community energy efficiency grants.


For more information, please see the NOPEC website.

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