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How do I...?

... sign up for water, sewer and sanitation services?

Sign up at the City of Warren Water Department, located at 580 Laird Avenue S.E. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


... file and pay City of Warren income tax?

Access the Income Tax Department section for information and forms.


... obtain or renew a passport?

Please see the U.S. State Department's passport site for instructions.


... report a pot hole?

Contact the Operations Department at (330) 841-2641.


... report a street light outage?

Call Ohio Edison at 1 (888) 544-4877.


... download a job application?

Access the Human Resources Department section for information.


... apply for construction permits or register as a contractor?

Please contact the Engineering, Planning and Building Department at (330) 841-2562. You may also download permit application forms at the Engineering, Planning and Building Department section.


... rent a shelter house in a city park or the Log Cabin?

Contact the Operations Department at (330) 841-2641, or download a copy of the City Event Application.


... get a birth or death certificate?

Access the Health Department's Vital Statistics page for information.


... register to vote?

Access the Trumbull County Board of Elections website for instructions.


... obtain a marriage license?

Access the Trumbull County Probate Court website for instructions.


... pay property taxes?

Access the Trumbull County Treasurer's website for instructions.


... obtain information to assist seniors?

Access the Resources for Seniors Page for information.


... purchase a paver brick at the Trumbull County Veterans' Memorial?

Please view the Trumbull County Veterans' Memorial Paver Brochure for instructions.


... relocate to the City of Warren?

Access the Resourcesfor New Residents Page for information.