Additional Services

The Environmental Health division provides the following in accordance with the City Ordinances. To view these sections, please access the Codified Ordinances of the City of Warren online. This is a complex web document, so be sure to review the Walter H. Drane Company's helpful instructions if this will be your first time viewing the municipal codes online.

  • Section 1367.11: Condemnation Proceedings. Dwelling units throughout the City that are considered "unfit for human habitation" can be condemned by this division. If this occurs, all inhabitants must vacate the property until it is brought up to code, inspected, and approved for habitation.
  • Chapter 1729: Rabies Control. All medical offices, hospitals, and private citizens are required to report animal bites to the Health District. An investigation begins to protect the person bitten for the possibility of rabies. All dogs, cats, and ferrets are required to be vaccinated for rabies.
  • Section 351.14: Storing Unlicensed Or Inoperable Motor Vehicles. All vehicles parked on residential property, which are inoperable or are not properly registered, will be tagged and towed within 72 hours if the owner has not corrected the problem.
  • Section 752.02: Massage Establishment. Those non-medical facilities without an Ohio License are inspected on an annual basis, and both the facility and masseuse are licensed locally.
  • Section 923.05: Septic Tank Requirements. Those businesses who install or clean septic systems within the City are subject to license.
  • Chapter 723: Garage Sales. Regulations, fees, etc. regarding holding sales on private, non-commercial property.

The Environmental Health division also provides the following services:

  • Lead Paint Programs. Several different types of inspections are offered, including Lead Risk Inspections and Assessments, Lead Inspections, Lead Risk Assessments, and Potential Lead Hazard Evaluations may be completed upon request.
  • Liquor Permit Transfers. All businesses with an active Liquor License are evaluated upon license renewal by the Health District and other City Departments. Final report to Warren City Council.
  • Swimming Pool Program. Inspections of all Public Swimming Pools are conducted annually, during the operational season. All public pools must hold an active license.