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The Administrative Coordinator’s Office is primarily responsible for overseeing the Purchasing and all purchasing-related matters for the City of Warren. Some of the other duties of this office include being the primary contact for following City departmental matters:


  • Motor vehicle and heavy equipment inventory and acquisition
  • NOPEC aggregation contact for natural gas and electric rates
  • Radio inventory and service
  • Telephone inventory and service
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Auctions or disposal of goods and equipment
  • Bid specifications for certain commodities and services
  • State contract information, verification, and confirmation of commodity purchases
  • City-wide budget and capital improvement hearings
  • Computer Steering Committee meetings and computer-related purchases
  • Overseeing and adding businesses to the City-wide vendor list.


This office works closely with the Mayor’s Office to ensure the expediency and efficiency of the City’s daily operations.


All City Events, such as parades, festivals, walks, and Amphitheatre productions are scheduled and managed by Kisha Jackson, Executive Secretary I.