Mission Statement of the Warren City Board of Health

The mission of the Warren City Board of Health is to prevent unhealthy conditions, promote and protect the health of the citizens of the City, to monitor and maintain a safe and healthy environment, and improve the overall quality of life in the City of Warren. This is accomplished through strict enforcement of State of Ohio statutes, local board resolutions, and City of Warren ordinances. Please see each division for information regarding specific services and fees.


The Board of Health holds regular meetings on the last Wednesday of each month at the Community Services Building (see address to right), in the second floor conference room at 3:00 PM. Changes to this schedule will be posted whenever necessary due to special meetings and/or holiday conflicts.


All Board meetings are open to the public. If any individual would like to address the Board, the reason must be submitted in writing, one week prior to the meeting, so that the Board is aware of the topic and may be able to provide answers to questions presented.



How to Find Us

The Warren City Health District is located one and one-half blocks east of Courthouse Square in the Government Services Building, located at 258 East Market Street.



Department Announcements

Read the Latest Findings of our 2018-2019 Community Health Assessment Report



Infant Mortality Fact Sheet



Mold Guidance


The Warren City Health District often receives mold-related questions. Residents are advised to review the following document for the latest guidelines on mold:


Common Sense Guidance on Mold (from the Ohio Journal of Environmental Health)



Health District Releases Newsletters


The Warren City Health District has released newsletters highlighting health tips, current issues and recent department activities.


View the June-July 2018 Newsletter


View the August 2018 Newsletter



Guidelines for Curbside Mattress Pickup


The Warren City Health District has issued guidelines for curbside mattress pickup. If you wish to leave a mattress at the curbside for garbage collection, please be aware of the following:


All mattresses placed at curbside must be plastic wrapped. The easiest and most economical method is to use disposable drop cloths, which can be purchased at any hardware or big box store. Please tape the plastic securely with strong tape so the entire mattress is covered.